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Welcome to Hasslö!

An island in Blekinge called "Little Hawaii"

Don't miss visiting "Little Hawaii" outside Karlskrona in south-east Sweden. The island is actually called Hasslö but feels like Hawaii, but with a Swedish touch of course. In the summer, the popular Hasslö Festival is held here, it's a fantastic event with a focus on you as a visitor. Good music, good food, easy to socialize in a relaxed way, also on an island that makes the feeling extra special. On the way to Hasslö there are nice places to stop with magical sunsets in an archipelago environment, almost so that you need to pinch your arm to believe it's true.

Karlskrona Archipelago

Karlskrona and Sweden's southernmost archipelago consisting of 1,650 islands, islets and skerries - from Hasslö in the west to Utlängan in the east.

Enjoy salt-sprinkled rocks and lovely bathing bays. The best way to experience all of the islands' secret spots is by bike or on foot. Karlskrona archipelago is part of the biosphere area Blekinge Archipelago, which was designated by the UN agency UNESCO in 2011 for its high and unique natural and cultural values. Enjoy our unique places, remember to show respect and take responsibility, to preserve our world heritage and biosphere reserve for future generations.


The Hasslö Festival

Come and join us as the archipelago island of Hasslö blossoms into something incredible and ends up in everyone's center! The Hasslö Festival takes place 13–15 July 2023

Since the summer of 2000, the Hasslö Festival has been a unique festival in the middle of the Karlskrona archipelago and has attracted thousands of visitors from all over Sweden and Europe. All generations gather here to take part in a unique festival experience in an equally unique environment. With its roots in old prog and rock music, The Hasslö Festival has developed in recent years into a festival with a perfect balance between new fresh music and old legendary rock.

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