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Guest Port Hallahamnen

The port, also known as Hallarna, is a small fishing port on the northwest side of Hasslö. Once there was the largest fishing village in eastern Blekinge here. Here are still the small fishing cabins by the sea.

The Hasslö bridge has a clear height of 4 m and can be opened.

Harbor depth: 3.3 m

Mooring: anchor, longitudinal

At Garpahamnen there is Hasslö Boatyard.

Opening hours: 1/4-30/9

Port fee:

  • <12m SEK 135

  • 12-15m SEK 240

  • >15m SEK 21/m

+ electricity SEK 30 / day

Port fee applies all year round. Can be paid with Swish 123 085 81 91



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