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Hasslö Kayak

Rental of kayaks, canoes and SUP boards.
Explore Hasslö by sea and find your own donut place on one of the islands around Hasslö.


4 kayaks of which one double kayak and 3 single kayaks


2 INKAS aluminum canoes, 525 and 495 with two fixed seats and access to one (495) or two (525) extra seats


4 hard SUP boards with associated paddles and safety straps around the ankle


Book now and experience Hasslö from the sea. Choose from kayaks, canoes and SUP boards to explore with for 2 or 3 hours, alternatively take a full day to have time to see everything around Hasslö.

Open 24 hours a day! You are responsible for picking up and leaving the items in the same condition as when you picked them up. You will receive an email with instructions after your booking, 24 hours before your booked time.

Do you have problems or can't find exactly what you want? Contact +4673-422 18 03 and we will help you. If we don't answer, leave a text message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you want to book several of the same product, you can choose the number when you make your reservation, if there are several available. If you want to book different products and/or different times, you can put several separate bookings in the shopping cart before paying.

Välj din utrustning & bokningslängd

  • Få tillgång till upp till 3 enmanskajaker en hel dag, med plats för en...

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    14 hr

    From 500 svenska kronor
  • Få tillgång till upp till 3 enmanskajaker i fyra timmar, med plats för...

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    4 hr

    From 300 svenska kronor
  • Få tillgång till upp till 3 enmanskajaker i två timmar, med plats för ...

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    2 hr

    From 200 svenska kronor

Find Hasslö Kayak

Hasslö Kayak has its rental located at the "headland by the isthmus" which the Hasslö residents call "Kläppen". You will find the isthmus on the right side of the Hasslö bridge when you drive towards Hasslö. Take the first exit and follow the road along the water and the nice boathouses and docks. The headland is reached via a dirt road that connects from Lotsviksvägen. To save on the road, park any car at the beginning of the dirt road and walk out the last bit to get to the rental.

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