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Take the boat to and around Hasslö

Between the Karlskrona Trading Port and Hasslö there is archipelago traffic all year round and many islanders choose to commute by water. Skärgårdstrafiken's boat tours serve the archipelago islands of Hasslö and Aspö during the summer.

Guest ports

Are you keen to take your own boat to Hasslö? Then take a look at our guest harbors and see if they would suit you and your needs. Hallahamnen is on the northwest side of the island and Garpahamnen is on the south side.

Find the boat

The Hasslöpendel departs from Handelshamnen in Karlskrona and arrives at Horn on Hasslö in 20 minutes. It's just like a bus, stuck on water.

The tours start from the same place in central Karlskrona. Then the trip goes to Djupavik, on the island of Aspö's west side, and then on to Horn's jetty on the island of Hasslö's east side.

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