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Stay on Hasslö

Board the M/F Flaggskär at the Handelshamnen in Karlskrona.
After 20 minutes you arrive at Horn on Hasslö. If you have booked an overnight stay, you take a short walk up to Vandrarhemmet Strandvilan or to Hasslö Stugby and check in at your accommodation.

Or maybe you take the motorhome to Hasslö? Then don't forget to stop at Almö on the way and visit Carlskrona golf club if you fancy a round of golf on the fantastic archipelago course, lunch and coffee are served daily at the golf club's fine restaurant. Some cooling off on the beautiful terrace with a sea view can be a tip in the summer heat. Then you drive on over the Hasslö Bridge, which is an experience in itself as it is opened regularly to let sailboats through, and set up at one of the many available moorings around the island.

When you have parked the motorhome or checked into your accommodation, you can take part in various outdoor activities around Hasslö or simply enjoy good food and drink in a cozy environment.

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